Funeral Information - The Wake

Funeral Vigil

The Funeral Vigil is usually held the evening before the Funeral Mass but can also be held just prior to the Mass of Christian Burial, either at the Funeral Home or, if availlable, at the Church..

This service consists of Prayers, Scripture Readings, a Homily, Prayers of Intercession, Concluding Rite and Eulogies.


If your loved one had a secular song that he/she liked, you can play that at the Vigil.

Family & Friend Participation

We encourage the family and friends to be involved in the Funeral Vigil by participating in the readings and Eulogies. Our Bereavement Coordinator will discuss this with you.  One of our Deacons or Parish Ministers will be available to lead the Vigil.

Memorial displays are encouraged at the wake at the funeral home. If some images are to be used in church, the display is to be kept very simple and placed outside the sanctuary area.